Parents Reading to their Baby

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Learn Samoan words for talking about young parents who are reading a book to their baby. Also, pick up some Samoan words to describe a living room – like window and couch – and then learn how to ask and answer the question: ‘why’.

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Samoan Words to Know

pepe [AUDIO] baby
mātua [AUDIO] parents
fale [AUDIO] house
potu [AUDIO] room
nofoa [AUDIO] chair / couch
fa’amalama [AUDIO] window
tusi [AUDIO] book
faitau [AUDIO] read
tautala [AUDIO] talk (in general)
talanoa [AUDIO] talk (as in, with someone else)

Samoan Phrases & Sentence Structures

Aiseā o…?
Why is…?
O la e…
[He / she] is… (doing something)
Aua e…
Because (he / she) is…


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