Learn Samoan words for talking about young parents who are reading a book to their baby. Also, pick up some Samoan words to describe a living room – like window and couch – and then learn how to ask and answer the question: ‘why’.

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Samoan Words to Know

chair / couch
talk (in general)
talk (as in, with someone else)

Samoan Phrases & Sentence Structures

Aiseā o…?
Why is…?
O la e…
[He / she] is… (doing something)
Aua e…
Because (he / she) is…

Describing the Scene: Parents Reading to their Baby

Listen to this “self talk” description of the image above as you follow along below.


Ia… o le ulugali’i ma la tamateine… Ia o la e faitau e le tamā o le aiga le Tusi Pa’ia i lona afafine.

Ia o lo’o nofo i latou i luma o le potu malolo. Ou te va’ai atu o le Tusi Pa’ia, a? O tala o le Tusia Pa’ia o la e faitauina e le tamā o le aiga, ia, i lona afafine.

O se ulugali’i fiafia. E vaai atu i le la fiafia, foliga tausa’afia i le la alo tama’ita’i. O la e saofai i luga o le kapeta. Ia, a o siomia i la’ua e le nofoa… i nofoa o le potu malolo, ia, nofoa umi e lanupa’epa’e.

Ia o fa’amalama, a? O le potu… e ese o le sesega mai o le sulugia mai le la. Ia o sulugia ai totonu le potu malolo ma maua ai le malamalama.

I foliga o le tama’ita’i, fa’aali atu a o lana tausa’afia i le faitauina e lona tamā ia te ia le tala o le Tusi Pa’ia.

An English Translation

Ia… it is a couple with with their daughter… Ia, the father of the family is reading the Holy Bible to his daughter.

Ia, they are sitting in front in the lounge (living room). I see it is a Holy Bible, yes? It’s stories from the Holy Bible that the father of the family is reading, ia, to his daughter.

They are a happy couple. We see their happiness, it looks like their girl child brings them a lot of joy. They are sitting on the carpet. Ia, as they are surrounded by a couch… (surrounded) by seats in the lounge, ia, long couches that are white.

Ia, the windows, a? Of the room… how brightly the sun is streaming through them. Ia, (the sunshine) is streaming into the lounge, bringing a lot of light.

The look on the little girl’s face shows that she is enjoying her father reading to her the stories of the Holy Bible.