Children Laughing in a Circle

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These children are having a lot of fun at a beach. Learn some fun Samoan words for talking about young boys and girls, laughing and enjoying time with each other. While you’re at it, get in some practice with colours and a few action words.

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Samoan Words to Know

tamaiti [AUDIO] children
tamaitiiti [AUDIO] young boy
teineitiiti [AUDIO] young girl
‘ofutino [AUDIO] tee shirt
lauulu [AUDIO] hair
oneone [AUDIO] sand
matāfaga [AUDIO] beach
‘ata [AUDIO] laugh
ta’alo [AUDIO] play
fiafia [AUDIO] enjoy


Samoan Phrases & Sentence Structures

E to’a fia…?
How many…? (counting people)
O le ā le lanu o le…?
What colour is the…?
O le ā latou mea na e fai?
What are they doing?
O la e… (action word)
They are… (action word)
O le [noun] e lanu…
The [noun] is [colour]…


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