When you’re learning Samoan, it’s always great to be able to speak with someone in Samoan – especially if that someone is fluent. And then, as much as possible, try to keep your conversations all in Samoan, even if you have to supplement it with some gestures and sign language.

To help get your beginner Samoan conversations going, you should come prepared with a few useful questions and phrases. A great question to know is, “what is the Samoan word for…?”

Check out how this question is asked and answered in the following conversations:

Teine: O le ā le fa’asamoa o le [bird]?
Lo’omatua: O le fa’asamoa o le [bird] o le manu.
Teine: O le manu o le bird?
Lo’omatua: Ioe

And here’s another example of using this question:

Teine: O le ā le fa’asamoa o le [car]?
Lo’omatua: [Car] o le ta’avale.
Teine: Ta’avale?
Lo’omatua: Ioe. Ta’avale. Lelei tele.