Tamaiti Samoana means ‘the children of a Samoan world‘ – something like that.

This website is for Samoans who grew up understanding a little (or a lot) of our beautiful Samoan language, but not really speaking it fluently, mostly because we live in an English speaking world.

Now we’re grown and we’re trying to pass our language on to our children, but we’ve got some catch-up learning of our own to do first… sound familiar?

Tamaiti Samoana is a collection of resources that can help us acquire Samoan – our own heritage language. The resources here will help fill some of the knowledge gaps we all have when it comes to speaking Samoan.

We’ve got some grammar lessons here, some stories in the Samoan language (with English translations) and some exercises to help build your Samoan conversation skills

Everyone learns differently, so we’re just trying to give you the largest collection of Samoan language resources on the web so that avid language learners like us can read, hear and witness the Samoan language in action…and work out your own strategies to learn it. 

Only a couple hundred thousand people in the world speak Samoan fluently (just over half the world’s Samoan population), so our language is at risk.

Linguistic research shows that if you want to preserve a language, you need to teach it to the children. Only children under the ages of 7 or 8 are able to absorb a language well enough to speak it ‘naturally’ – and that’s what we need for the Samoan language to survive generations.

One of our missions is to give Samoan parents – many of whom don’t speak our language well – tools that will help them teach their children Samoan.

Not that we’re we’re giving up on all the grown-up kids who want to learn! The resources you’ll find here are perfect for beginner Samoan speakers of all ages.

Have a look around. Do a bit of reading. Listen to some of our stories. Try a lesson or two. Leave a comment on a post…

We’re all learning here, so we love comments – especially questions you might have about the language, or even corrections if necessary (because nobody’s perfect, not even me).

Tamaiti Samoana is a sister-site to One Samoana and Samoan Lyrics, brought to you by Manaui Media Limited

…and a Hamo Geek Girl.



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